Instructions SSO Registration Application Registration Instructions - GE Energy Connections

SSO Registration ApplicationRegistration Instructions - GE Energy ConnectionsSSO Registration Application
.Applications. Please select an option to register :- ... with Google. 0141-5153222 Ext. 23717 (Weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM) ...
Rajasthan Single Sign-On (1)
Rajasthan Single Sign-On v 4.8 ... Signup/ Register ... RTI एप्लीकेशन/ पोर्टल के उपयोगी (existing citizen users) SSO पर दोबारा रजिस्टर करें|
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SSO Registration Application
The Single Sign On ("SSO") registration information provided above will be held by the General Electric Company ("GE"), 3135 Easton Turnpike, Fairfield, CT ...
SSO Central Registration
Welcome to the GE Single Sign On (SSO) Registration Page. To register for GE Single Sign On (SSO):. Please select one of the following and enter the ...
Register Your SSO
... NBCUniversal. Enter your username. Enter Verification Code Captcha Image. Refresh Picture. Submit. Register · Need Help? @2016 Copyright NBCUniversal.
EIA SSO Registration - EIA Single Sign On Login Screen
Note: The information supplied on this page applies to the Single Sign On user who reports the data to EIA. Information about the survey contact (the person who ...
[PDF](Single Sign-on) Registration Instructions - GE Energy Connections
Before beginning the SSO registration process you will need to make sure your cookies are enabled. 1) Click Tools, then Internet Options to bring up this pop-up.
[DOC]SSO Registration Guidance
The section MILogin Registration will walk you through the steps of obtaining your MILogin User ID and password. You must request permission to access ...
ESA Earth Observation Users' Single Sign On Registration - EO SSO
ESA Earth Observation Users' Single Sign On Registration. Registration form. EO-SSO ID: Secret question: Select secret question! Who is your favourite singer?
General Registration and Login - Earth Online - ESA › Home › Help
In order to provide a unique username and password for all EO services available on the web, ESA has created the Earth Observation Users Single Sign On ..

Apps 11i/R12/12i Registration/Deregistration with OID/SSO : internals

Well if you looking for answer to these and many more interesting questions have a look at four days Apps 11i integration with 10gAS (OID/SSO/Portal) training here
Q. Which script to use for manual OID/SSO registration/deregistration with Apps 11i ? -script=SetSSOReg where is in $FND_TOP/bin
Q. What are other important files being called from ?
Q. Where are registration/deregistration related logs stored ?
1. $APPLRGF/sso/  where $APPLRGF defaults to $COMMON_TOP/rgf/$CONTEXT_NAME
2. $COMMON_TOP/rgf/$CONTEXT_NAME/sso(Above two location are same)

txkSetSSOReg_$day_$Mon_$DD_$timestamp.log – Apps to SSO/OID registration/ deregistration log file
What happens when you run “ -script=SetSSOReg” ?
Above script is to register Apps with OID & SSO using default template file. Here are steps in background
Validation Phase   –  Above script
i) Checks if script can connect to orasso schema in SSO Repository using
java oracle.apps.fnd.txk.TXKTestJDBCConn
ii) Checks if script can connect to apps schema in apps (11i/R12) Repository using
java oracle.apps.fnd.txk.TXKTestJDBCConn
iii) Extract & Validate “Apps Framework Agent” Value from database at all level (Site, Server, User)
iv) Create and load “SSOSDK” schema in Apps Database
v) Extracts into $APPLRGF/sso/sso/902sdk
vi) Checks if any application URL (from step iii) is already registered (If not go to step vii)
If it finds any application URL (from step iii) already registered with SSO, registration script will fail with error “This partner application is already registered” (Common issue in reregistration after cloning)
Fix : is to deregister application URL from SSO using -script=SetSSOReg -deregister=Yes -script=SetSSOReg -removereferences=Yes
vii) does OID validation like,
Is template file available ?
Can script bind to ldap (OID) server?
Can orcladmin modify entry in OID ?
Validates AppsName is correct with valid character ?
Validates apps password is correct ?
Checks that application name is not already registered in OID ?
Execution Phase   –  Above script

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