jeem main 2017 Tips to Crack IIT JEE 2017

7 Tips to Crack IIT JEE 2017

JEE 2017 is exactly five months away! IIT aspirants have started working hard to crack JEE exams, but only hard work will never help. A lot of other things are involve to crack IIT JEE.
Joint Entrance Examination or JEE is one of the toughest entrance examinations. JEE exam is conducted in 2 stages:
  1. JEE Main
  2. JEE Advanced

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts JEE Mains and one of the IIT conducts JEE Advance. IIT Madras will be responsible for conducting IIT JEE Advanced 2017.  will be the first stage which is usually conducted in the month of April. The top 2 lakh students are eligible to take this exam which is conducted on May 21st, 2017. Students who clear JEE Advanced can take admissions in prestigious IIT and ISM, whereas others are eligible to get admissions in NIT, IIIT, and other central government funded institutes.

It’s Not Hard to Crack IIT JEE

JEE Exams are tough and need meticulous planning. Our experts in Byju’s have come up with five smart tips for bright students to crack IIT JEE 2017.

1. Focus on the goal

Before starting the preparation set the goal! Ask yourselves these questions,
  • Do I want to pursue Engineering?
  • Do I have an aspiration to get into an IIT?
  • Can I deal with the pressure in the competitive atmosphere?
If the answer to the above questions isa “YES”, then you are ready to take the Joint Entrance Examination. The right attitude is needed to prepare and take up JEE.

2. Right Mentorship

The most important thing that is required while JEE Preparation is good mentorship. There are numerous coaching institutes, but they have a major drawback – Time constraint!
An average Class 12th student’s daily schedule would involve
Lo and behold, 24 hours are just gone, in a swish! Where is the time to study? Here is where Byju’s come to rescue! The JEE course at Byju’s is available online. Our adaptive learning helps IIT aspirants to learn the concepts which will retain the memory for a longer time. The advantages of taking Byju’s JEE course are,
  • Since the course can be viewed from a mobile device or a tablet; one has an advantage of preparing for JEE, anytime-anywhere.
  • Our counselors are available 24/7 to help you clear your doubts
  • Apart from the study materials, regular mock tests are conducted which provides insight into your preparation
  • IIT alumni assist you with shortcut techniques to crack IIT JEE within 30 seconds!

3. Study Schedule

It is crucial to have a study plan which will help you to organize your day accordingly. Distribute the hours to focus on all the three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Challenge yourself! If you manage to solve 20 questions correctly today, push yourself to answer 30 questions the next day! Time management is paramount.
Make a study plan for each day of the week. On Sundays and holidays, reserve more time for topics that are tough or that needs more practice. Always study when your energy is at the highest. With Byju’s adaptive learning, you can study whenever you feel like as the videos are creative which will help in better understanding of concepts and also gives an advantage of anytime learning.

4. Consistency

Being consistent is vital. Many students start the preparation with a bang but eventually get bored or procrastinate. JEE Preparation involves dedication, and one must concentrate on increasing the study time as the days pass by. Stick to the study schedule and prepare accordingly. You can improve your preparation only by pushing the boundaries. Afterall, JEE is a tough exam and many other brilliant minds like yours’ would be working hard to get into an IIT or a NIT. Work smart towards the preparation and remain consistent with your training for 

5. Healthy Lifestyle

You need to develop a healthy lifestyle during this phase. As the saying goes, “Health is wealth.”It is crucial to study; well study a lot, but do not rob yourself from recreation. Engage in an outdoor sport or do yoga, which will help to clear your mind. If you are not an outdoor person, listen to music to calm your mind or play games like chess or carom which will take your mind from the studies but helps to enhance your concentration.
Eat well and avoid junk food.  A bowl of Maggi may be tempting, but try to avoid it as junk foods have the super ability to spoil your digestive system and sickness will only cause the slow down of your preparation.
Follow these 5 super smart tricks to ace in and crack IIT JEE 2017!

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