DT-850W Modem How to Change Wi-Fi Password on Binatone DT-850W Modem

Router IP Address for Binatone Routers

Hi Guys, Today We Gonna Show you that “How to Change WiFi Password on Binatone Modems and Routers ?”. We Know that time Wi-Fi Modem is Found in every Home and Office. So the security of modem is also necessary to protect from unauthorized people to use their Internet. So thats why we Put Password on WiFi Router. But when Password is leaked so it is important to update your WiFi Password. There are many reasons to use Password for your Wi-Fi Modem like Protect Wi-fi from your neighbours and also from Public. Many of Users not able to change Router Password. So We Share a very easy method to Update your WiFi Password for Binatone ADSL Routers.

Steps to Change Wi-Fi Password On Binatone Modem

  1. Firstly Reset Your Binatone modem. On the Backside of Modem You can see a small circle for Inserting some Pin to Reset all settings. On the Modems ISP provide you a Username & Password for your Modem Like “DSLS73189” & “123456” but sometimes it not work so thats why we reset all settings.
  2. Then Type in your Web Browser and a Pop up Screen will Come up that ask you to put username and password. You can type Default Username and password that is “admin” & “password” and Hit Enter.
  3. Now Binatone Main Page is is open where you find all his Admin Settings.
  4. Now you can see the Menu on the Top of the Page. Go to Interface Setup >> Wireless and You can see the wifi password Field Like in Below Picture.
  5. Enter a New Password and Click Save. Password Change Successfully.
Binatone Admin Page
Above You can see Binatone Admin Page Where you can Change Wi-Fi Name or Password and Change more settings related to Wi-Fi Modem.Router.




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